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  • Qualitative research

    Our goal is to measure the love for your brand. Help understand the audience's mindset and the reasons for the success of competitors.

    Work style:
    • Determination of customer preferences and their attitude to the product
    • The accumulation of opinions on the new concepts of products
    • Develop new ideas for existing products
    • Identification reaction on the packaging
    • Determining the views of consumers about the prices
    • Brand audit and evaluation of image product
    • Testing creative concepts for advertising
  • Quantitative research

    Our goal is to provide you with truthful information about the structure of the market of your brand.

    Quantitative research will help you determine:
    • Market capacity
    • The main customer segments
    • The willingness of the consumer to purchase the product
    • The best price for the goods or services
    • The effectiveness of advertising campaigns
    Our methodology:
    • Personal interview
    • Hall tests
    • Online interview
    • Mystery shopper
    • Price testing
    • Analysis of commercial efficiency
  • Analysis of commercial efficiency

    The absolute competitive advantage of our company is the possibility of organizing in-depth analysis of commercial performance FMCG companies. We will find the answers to questions:

    • How to create the assortment policy?
    • How to evaluate the effectiveness of specific promotional?
    • How to set a competitive price for the product?
    • Do all outlets have my product?
    • Effectively work with sales representatives?
    • Is there any effect from merchandising?
    • All salicounda position progruzhat to the point?
    • What product to focus in the formulation of kpi's to subordinates?
  • Brand Positioning
    Succssesful positioning look like shot by competitors with the return to customer heart.

    Our goal is formulation competitive position of your brand.

    Work style:
    • We conduct exploration: find out customers mood and communicative style of competitors
    • We comprehend the essence and identify the most important attributes
    • Make a simple points and show an advantages
  • Naming
    Accommodate high meaning in simple and understandable words.

    Our goal is provide the shortest way to understanding the value of your brand by the customer.

    Work style:
    • Research the target audience: their values and motivation to action with brand
    • Find the right association for the sake of simplicity of brand perception
    • Create a message. Laying the emotional and rational benefits, in accordance with the brand image

    We assistance to patent registration if it necessary.

  • Corporate identity
    Сreate a recognizable brand constants.

    Our goal is to create trust and expected relationship to your brand through recognizable external signs and distinguishing attributes.

    Work style:
    • Research the corporate history and specifics of the customer business
    • Conduct industry analysis. Find the required image
    • We form the idea or take in the development insight
    • Developed the visual presentation : the basic colors, fonts, architecture, graphic objects
    • Prepare brand book guideline or according to customers requirement
  • Packaging and product label
    Create a “clothes” for your brand.

    Our task is to establish the desired perception of the product by audience and competitive positioning.

    Work style:
    • Arrange familiarity with the brand: positioning, advantages, competitive environment
    • Research the audience and her motivation in choice of product
    • Collectively dive into the process of finding ideas
    • Develop variants of the design concepts
    • Implement the final version of the layout
  • Key visual
    One image- millions of followers.

    Our goal is the creation of effective advertising at the expense of emotional involvement to your brand. Enter the mind of the audience. One. Picture.

    Work style:
    • Research of brand platform and concept of the upcoming advertising campaign
    • Search of ideas
    • Development of graphic solutions

    Key visual developed in consideration of all types of advertising media without losing key messagesю

  • POSM

    Our goal is a positive influence on the advertising campaign. Attract the attention and stimulate the conscious choice of audience in favor of the brand.

    Work style:
    • Encounter with the brand: positioning, characteristics, experience of past advertising campaigns
    • Research the target audience and their motivation in choice of product
    • Find the emotional component. Implement the concept
    • Choose materials and production technology
    • Develop the graphical solution
    • Adapt the layout to the necessary media
  • TV ads production

    Our goal is to capture the audience's attention and make an impression.

    Work style:
    • Scriptwritting: text, insight, strong arguments
    • Directing storyboard: divide the story into separate sketches
    • Preparing stage background, equipment, if it needs – people.
    • Shooting
    • Final part: editing, working with sound, graphics
  • Web-production
    Smart development include marketing.

    Our goal is to create a tool for the involvement of the target audience. Help you to solve marketing and branding challenges.

    Work style:
    • Dive into business
    • Analyzed competitors and market trends in terms of design
    • Develop a structure : site architecture and semantic content
    • Discuss the prototypes with the customer. Find a common point of view
    • Perfomance: draw a design, cut layout, website programming
  • Advertising placement
    No one will remain in the shadows.

    Our goal is to create effective cooperation scheme of advertising with your audience and activate them on-line and off-line environment.

    Work with all media: digital, TV, press, radio, OOH.
    Work style:
    • Research information about brand, competitors, audience
    • Analyzed past advertising campaigns
    • Develop a strategy: points of contact with advertising, the meaning and style of the message
    • Prepare layouts and media plan