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Masters’ Palinka is a new brand of the fruit brandy series which represents a wide variety of fresh fruit tastes and exclusively produced in Hungary. This product will appear on the worldwide market soon. So the main task of agency was to convey the unique Hungarian colouring and reflect the understandable association in various countries.

The central image of the logo is a tulip. Firstly, it is one of the most striking symbol of Hungarian folk art and an integral part of national ornaments. Secondly, the tulip-type glass often uses for alcohol tasting.

The image of crown became a compositional completion of graphics solution, as a sign of superior skill, wealth of taste and quality of the product.

Also designers have created the original lettering with a steady and concise font style. Typography is close to the aesthetics of Central and Eastern Europe at the beginning of the XX century and Art Nouveau style. Inscription with the name of taste has its own individual color and script font contrasting with the main unit.